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Linda S. -> Weighted Curtains (?) (2/5/2017 1:01:25 PM)

When I was working for a decorator, making custom draperies we always
weighted them. It's been many moons ago, but if memory serves we also
weighted sheers...but not always.

I'm making new sheer curtains for my dinning room, and they will stand
alone (no other layer of heavier drapery over the sheers). And I'm trying
to decide if I should weight them.

Our local Joanne store only sells standard weights, which are rather heavy
for sheers. No weight tape or other kind for lighter fabrics. Does anyone have an idea
of what I could use as a weight for sheer fabric? I'm using a nice 100%
cotton voile....lovely fabric.

I should add, the fabric is white....and little more sheer than for example a
batiste we use for heirloom sewing. The weave is more loose.

DDinDFW -> RE: Weighted Curtains (?) (2/5/2017 1:19:39 PM)

Maybe these items could be hidden in seams, but not sure considering these are sheers, but I've heard of coins and fishing weights being used.

Linda S. -> RE: Weighted Curtains (?) (2/5/2017 1:29:25 PM)

Fishing weights sound like a good option, and my husband has quite a lot of them
in his tackle box! I could spray paint them white and cover with fabric. Good idea!
Thanks Dana!

I thought about a string of pearls too....like those Joanne sells for jewelry making.
Maybe white glass beads? What do you think about this idea?

Linda S. -> RE: Weighted Curtains (?) (2/5/2017 1:36:27 PM)

I must say, I'm having a wonderful time working with and handling over 11 yards of
pure white, 100% cotton voile lol! As I work with it, I can't help but imagine how many baby
dedication gowns could come out of this much cotton voile ; ). I ordered it off of ebay, and the
quality is good for the price.

It's hard though, keeping myself from pinstitching! Maybe I can work some heirloom
stitching in here somewhere LOL!!!

caaguirre -> RE: Weighted Curtains (?) (2/6/2017 6:59:11 PM)

Linda, I'm laughing as I read your post. Voile equals heirloom, it's imprinted in our brains and sewing machines!

Anything with a little bit of weight can be used for your curtains as long as you make a little "package" to enclose them. I think sheers hang much better with some weight at least in the bottom corners.

Quite an undertaking with 11 yd of fabric but it'll be so satisfying to have those new curtains.

sewverybusy -> RE: Weighted Curtains (?) (2/7/2017 12:09:17 AM)

I don't know if you have a really good notions and/ or home decor shop but there is a solution. There is available a 'white beaded weight cord' made just for this use. I'm not sure of the name but it is bead shaped weights that are connected & covered in something like a fine white fabric. The 'chain' is small & you use a length that is the width of your panel & feed it into the hem. As I remember, you can leave it loose, safety pin in various spots , or sew in. It sits at the bottom of your hem & just does its quiet thing with out any noise or fuss. I wish I could remember what this is called, but maybe Me. Google will be able to find it or you. I made all the curtains, drapes & valances when we bought our home & I thought very hard about weighting everything. Decided to wait & see if I really needed to do that. Works out that weights aren't needed at all.

caaguirre -> RE: Weighted Curtains (?) (2/7/2017 1:42:10 PM)

Sewverybusy, that chain sounds like the perfect product for this use, it's new to me in Home Decor but sounds very much like the chain weight Chanel used in jackets. (I think it was Chanel and jackets, the old memory isn't what it once was)

Linda S. -> RE: Weighted Curtains (?) (2/9/2017 10:41:25 AM)

Sewverybusy, The chain weight you mention sounds perfect, and I thought as Carol did
about using a chain as is used in Chanel jackets....same idea really. And I wonder too if
I may have overlooked this at Joanne...I will look again. If my Joanne doesn't offer the
chain for home dec., I'll look to see what they have in their jewelry dept....maybe one of
the long bead chains would work.

I've used small weights at the seams for lighter fabric curtains, but have goofed up the
look before when the weight was a tad too heavy. I acquired some yardage of raw silk
with tone on tone appliqued vines years ago....gorgeousand made curtains for my bedroom.
I used the weights I had on hand at the seams, and really they are too much...I should remove
them. This experience is probably why I lean to chains rather than seam weights (for
light fabrics).

Thank you all so much for brainstorming with me. I've been looking forward for so long,
to the day I could make these nice, full curtains out of 100% cotton voile : )

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