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KarenVA -> Flat Stanley (2/10/2017 2:40:25 PM)

Have you ever read Flat Stanley to your kids or grandkids? It's about a little boy whose bulletin board fell on him and flattened him like a pancake. So, his brother stuck him into an envelope and mailed Stanley to his grandparents for a visit. It's a really cute story. Anyway, our 8 year old DGD's third grade class read the story and they made their own flat people. Our DGD sent hers to us--to take pictures and send a write up about our city and our state.

So, we just had adventures with Flat Audrey in Colonial Williamsburg!! We had the best visit with a new re-inactor--young Thomas Jefferson, who was kind enough to be photographed with her!!


caaguirre -> RE: Flat Stanley (2/10/2017 5:48:04 PM)

I haven't read the book but my ddil took Flat Stanley with her wherever she went for quite awhile. She's a preschool teacher and the kids had a great time with this. Stanley has shown up in the oddest places ....

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