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peg806 -> Spray on Stabilizer (3/1/2017 11:57:50 AM)

Hi All,

I got a Nancy's Notion catalogue yesterday & it's showing a product called Terial Magic Fabric Spray for $14.95. Has anyone heard of this or has anyone used it?

Sounds like a good thing in certain applications, so looking for some feedback.

Thanks & have a good day!

ShirleyCalgary -> RE: Spray on Stabilizer (3/1/2017 12:09:28 PM)

I am sure that Mizlilly has talked about this.... try a search.

Penny Hal -> RE: Spray on Stabilizer (3/1/2017 1:10:37 PM)

I haven't tried it, but what I've read is that it does make things quite stiff. But it is also expensive. I hope someone on this Board gives us the info on it!

KarenVA -> RE: Spray on Stabilizer (3/1/2017 1:59:04 PM)

I use it on my fabric when I make the OESD free standing lace applique Christmas villages. And, it is wonderful to stiffen the fabric to use on the Brother Scan N Cut machines.

KarenVA -> RE: Spray on Stabilizer (3/1/2017 2:01:38 PM)

Here's a good review of it:


mizzlilly -> RE: Spray on Stabilizer (3/1/2017 4:58:39 PM)

I've never used it, but think it sounds really good. I have used Perfect Stick, which sounds similar. I think the PS is non aerosol and the TM is aerosol, but I've never used TM so can't say for sure.

Marie MyEmbHaven -> RE: Spray on Stabilizer (3/1/2017 9:02:26 PM)

I have a hard time believing that one would get the same results with a spray than one would with actual stabilizer but it might be worth a try. It would sure make things easier for some fabrics

caaguirre -> RE: Spray on Stabilizer (3/1/2017 10:48:29 PM)

I bought it from Amazon at the best price I could find, there are videos I think on You Tube demonstrating the product too. It has other uses besides stabilizing for embroidery, I think it was actually made as a fabric stiffener for crafting.

Penny Hal -> RE: Spray on Stabilizer (3/2/2017 12:31:54 PM)

I know some people don't use stabilizers at all. They just stiffen the fabric so it's like a board. However, I think stabilizer is cheaper, easier to use, and you don't need to wash it out unless, of course, it's somethink like FSL.

ShirleyCalgary -> RE: Spray on Stabilizer (3/3/2017 1:51:37 PM)

Believe me the liquid stabilizer I make can render a hanky so stiff it almost pops the hoop up when you are hooping... If you dissolve 2 meters of H2gone or Vilene - the H2gone used to be 20 inches wide sold on the bolt for $$ at Fabricland so if you are a member wait for 50% off - otherwise it does get pricey... If you do a lot of FSL you can save your scraps... I just boil water get a can or bottle put 2 cups of boiling water into clean container and add the 2 meters about 80 inches into the boiled water... stir with a dowel - let cool and pour into spray bottle - don't be in a hurry let it cool or risk melting the spray bottle...... ok you know how I know this to be a fact... I also add 1 ounce of ALCOHOL no alcohol add vodka.. works as well

Now you are ready to use... saturate the section of fabric to be embroidered... I generally spray regular starch and iron and just saturate the hoop area - I iron on a towel bathmat until DRY make sure your hoop is open to accommodate the cardboard stiff fabric... if you do not loosen the screw before trying to hoop it will lift and you will have to start over.... yes trial and error - I use this on all cotton tea towels or linen hankies and those bar type cloths that are thinner terry cloth originally made by Gilette... if you do this correctly no need for any further stabilizer although I have used a thin type of plastic solvy especially if I am going to mark an +

Penny Hal -> RE: Spray on Stabilizer (3/8/2017 1:17:01 PM)

Thanks, Shirley!

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