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bratling2@gmail.com -> Ribbon embroidery question (4/9/2017 10:46:18 AM)

I'm making a baptismal dress for my best friend's little girl. It features a bit of ribbon embroidery and initially, I had thought to do it with polyester ribbon simply because it won't be ruined by being fully immersed in water. I found out that it's too heavy for the purpose? So my question is, will the dress be ruined if I use silk ribbon for the embroidery? I mean, generally speaking, you can't wash silk...

Grammie -> RE: Ribbon embroidery question (4/9/2017 11:29:47 AM)

I have done ribbon smocking with the silk-satin ribbon from Martha Pullen Co. I'm sure they don't carry it anymore but there are other sources. It holds up just fine.

gillie -> RE: Ribbon embroidery question (4/9/2017 8:21:06 PM)

Like Grammie says,it will be fine. I embroidered my dgds dedication dresses and they have been washed several times.

caaguirre -> RE: Ribbon embroidery question (4/10/2017 12:15:25 AM)

Where did you buy your ribbon? I would love to try this but can't find the supplies to do so.

bratling2@gmail.com -> RE: Ribbon embroidery question (4/10/2017 12:33:01 AM)

I haven't yet. I'm just researching right now. Her birthday isn't until July, so I have time yet.

And thank you, Ladies! Since we practice baptism by immersion, this *will* get wet. Washing aside, it has to hold up to being dunked. Grace's dress was just fine before she outgrew it. :) this one will be simpler, but the pattern does have ribbon embroidery, which I've never done before. So between advice from people who have done it, books, and you tube, I'm teaching myself....

Bobette -> RE: Ribbon embroidery question (4/10/2017 2:41:56 AM)

Are you talking about silk ribbon by hand, or by machine? I have done by hand, not hard to do, but I need to practice anyway. I would try and set the color before I stitched with it. Any clothes I have done with silk ribbon have been dry cleaned. Mostly I do on silk dupioni. My main concern would be fading if you are using a color other than white or cream. You should able to "google" it and find many articles about it.

I love MP ribbon as well for Christening gowns, little dresses, bonnets, etc. Not sure if it is still available. Might try "Old Fashioned Baby" or Baltozers.

Joanne -> RE: Ribbon embroidery question (4/10/2017 7:39:08 AM)

Ive always washed silk things. I figure if Chinese mandarins wore silk a thousand years ago without dry cleaners and washing machines and washing things in rivers on rocks mine should hold up in my sink. Just be sure to color set them. I've had blouses that were so over dyed they bled until they wore out. Lol


gillie -> RE: Ribbon embroidery question (4/10/2017 7:44:46 AM)

Carol, I have quite a stash from when it was popular, before ME. Books, too. After Easter I will take a picture of one of the baby dresses I have hear to fix. The dgd who worn this will be graduating high school and off to college this year. If I forget, remind me. You could buy it at Michaels and I bought quite a bit when my Heirloom store was closing. It is very light and I had no problem with it fading etc. I used mostly pastels on the washable but reds and greens on non washable Christmas items.

bratling2@gmail.com -> RE: Ribbon embroidery question (4/10/2017 9:52:24 AM)

Being a baptismal dress, it's all white. So white ribbon on a white sheermist batiste background. Once again, it's within my slender budget, wrinkle resistant, and getting it soaking wet won't harm it. I found some spools of silk satin ribbon on ebay for next to nothing. I'm waiting to find out what width I need (my pattern is on it's way) before I order it. And this is by hand. My library system has quite a few books and the pattern looks like simple stuff. I borrowed a few things from a friend of the family (she known us since I was in diapers) including a Martha's Sewing Room book. Between all this and You Tube, I figure I should be able to do the ribbon embroidery on Vogue 7958. One of the things I was loaned was a copy of the March/April 1995 Sew Beautiful because it had an article or two on the subject. 😁 Grace got a look at the ribbon embroidery dress in there and started begging because it's pretty... And far beyond my "I've never done this before" skill!

Grammie -> RE: Ribbon embroidery question (4/10/2017 10:32:37 AM)

Laura, I hope I haven't misled you. I have used silk ribbon for embroidery many times - but it is not the same as the silk/satin ribbon from MP. You should be able to find silk ribbon for silk ribbon embroidery at any heirloom supplier. Be sure to watch for the width you need - follow the pattern suggestions. The brand I use is "YLI", mostly 4mm ribbon. I do have some Bucilla brand as well. I tend to use the silk/satin stuff for weaving through the smocking on some dresses.

It is available here:


bratling2@gmail.com -> RE: Ribbon embroidery question (4/10/2017 10:41:10 AM)

Grammie, this is specifically listed as for silk ribbon embroidery. :) EBay has a section for that and it looks identical to the stuff off heirloom suppliers. It's the same brand, too. They're just listing it in mass quantities (minimum 25 yards) for under $3, including free shipping, for the whole lot. There's a very good reason why I source stuff off eBay. Nine times out of ten, I can find exactly what I'm looking for at bargain prices.

Bobette -> RE: Ribbon embroidery question (4/10/2017 3:37:28 PM)

I always preferred YLI silk ribbon as well. You should be infe with white silk ribbon. I have had some other colors, lavenders, or darker colors that did fade in time. You might want to "google" it when you find out what size you need. I'm sure there are a few places that still sell it. Silk ribbon embroidery was my favorite many years ago. I do very little now. I think the prettiest thing I did was a blue silk dupioni suit which I wore when we renewed our wedding vows for our 25th wedding anniversary!! I entered it in the Silk Embroidery Division at the MP show in Arlington,TX and won the first place prize. I was so excited.

Keep us posted and hopefully you can post a photo when you are done.

ShirleyCalgary -> RE: Ribbon embroidery question (8/12/2017 2:10:41 PM)

I wash and I mean machine wash silk blouses mens silk shirts... I put on hangers and use hair dryer to get any wrinkles out saves a ton of $ and no chemicals I hate dry cleaning I even machine wash rayon clothes also pricey as silk to dry clean... harder to iron and I use a lot of spray starch wish I had sizing but whatever... spray on wrong side...

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