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NormaK -> 60 Wt. Thread for Embroidery (4/19/2017 5:35:45 PM)

I occasionally have jobs embroidering logos on cotton mesh polo shirts. I have been using white Madeira 60 wt. embroidery thread and it has been quite satisfactory. However, I may need black for the medium-to-light gray shirts that are coming my way. I cannot find a local source for it. I called my Babylock dealer (who sells Madeira), and she doesn't stock the 60 wt. She mentioned using 60 wt. bobbin thread. Now, I did pick up a 5-pack of Sulky black bobbin thread at Joann's a while back. It is labeled 60 wt. and has probably enough of a sheen for the application.

I have gotten nearly all my Madeira thread online from the Brother PAS store in Tennessee. However, I need to do these shirts very soon and the shipping would be a lot. [It is free if you order over $100, which I have done at least twice in the past.]

Any thoughts? This font is MPC "Chronicle" from Martha's Creative Monogram collection, and it will be 12 mm tall. I could experiment with 40 wt. thread, but I'm not sure it will be worth the effort. Smaller fonts tend to get really jumbled looking with the larger thread.

Thank you!

gillie -> RE: 60 Wt. Thread for Embroidery (4/19/2017 8:06:08 PM)

Not Madeira but I see Red Rock has Floriani 60 wt poly. http://redrockthreads.com/floriani-thread/rnkmicrothread.asp I find there shipping is not too bad.

mizzlilly -> RE: 60 Wt. Thread for Embroidery (4/19/2017 8:42:23 PM)

I do most of my embroidery with 40 wr. Thread, including small lettering. I have that program, but don't remember a lot of the details. Does it give suggested minimum sizes for the different fonts? And, if so, is that size recommended? I find sticking to the suggested sizes, both minimum and maximum, makes a huge difference. The other factor is to eliminate or minimize the underlay for small lettering, if your program gives you this option. This is per Patrick from the old Bernina boards...really dating myself here, but he sure was helpful and a wealth of great information.

NormaK -> RE: 60 Wt. Thread for Embroidery (4/19/2017 8:56:45 PM)

Thank you, ladies. I'm not sure I have time, Gillie, to order more thread at this point. Mizlilly, the program does limit how small it will make the lettering, depending on the font chosen. I think 12mm. was as small as this font went. Perhaps tomorrow I shall do another trial run on the sample old shirt I have, this time with 40 wt. Maybe even tonight, if I can get myself moving. [:)] The gray of the shirts may be darker than I remember. In any case, I shall let my friend and her son make the color decision. [:)]

Nananeva -> RE: 60 Wt. Thread for Embroidery (4/19/2017 9:24:05 PM)

I personally would do a test stitch out with the Sulky bobbin thread. I have used bobbin thread before to do small fonts and had success. Good luck!

NormaK -> RE: 60 Wt. Thread for Embroidery (4/19/2017 10:18:11 PM)

Thank you for the encouragement, Neva.

I did a trial run with the 40 wt., and, for some reason, I seemed to be having a lot of problem with the bobbin thread coming up to the top and taking over. (It was a cotton-looking bobbin thread, not shiny, so it was easy to see that something was wrong.) I probably should have adjusted my tension by loosening the tension on the top thread. It just stitched weird. Tomorrow I shall re-thread the machine again, perhaps use a 90 embroidery needle instead of a 75 embroidery needle, and try again. First of all, I think I shall just do some regular practice sewing first, since I was even having problem stitching out the basting box.

When I did my initial run with the 60 wt. and size 75 embroidery needle everything worked like clockwork! Of course, sewing anything after 9 p.m. is usually not a good idea.

Good night! I think it's time for a good night's sleep.[:(] [8|][sm=rolleyes.gif] By the way, I'm sewing on my Viking Designer SE LE, in case that is relevant. [:)]

Penny Hal -> RE: 60 Wt. Thread for Embroidery (4/20/2017 12:55:02 PM)

I never thought of using a thinner thread for lettering. I bet that would really help.

(I miss Patrick too Mizzlilly.)

ShirleyCalgary -> RE: 60 Wt. Thread for Embroidery (4/20/2017 6:43:53 PM)

Norma - would 50 wt do??? I use 60 wt too for hankies and fine stuff but all Janome thread is 50 wt that is why so many problems with 40 wt such as floriani.. now Janome packs a bobbin case for Janome and one for other threads so you could use Janome black thread.. it is poly and I use it for 20+ years. Coats and clark make cotton thread in 60 wt but the colours at my store were so U G L Y that I just bought a box of white. black bobbins might be an answer but linty perhaps

caaguirre -> RE: 60 Wt. Thread for Embroidery (4/21/2017 10:35:08 PM)

I've done small lettering with the 40 wt and had trouble the whole time. It didn't occur to me until much later that I should have used a thinner thread and needle. I'll do that next time but hope you find a solution in time.

caaguirre -> RE: 60 Wt. Thread for Embroidery (4/23/2017 6:44:11 PM)

Just got an announcement from Oma's about 2 new tiny alphas for sale. She recommends using a 60 or 65 needle with 60 wt thread. I've stitched out at least one of her small alphas with great success but will follow her instructions in the future.

NormaK -> RE: 60 Wt. Thread for Embroidery--HELP! (4/30/2017 5:32:37 PM)

Thank you very much, Ladies. I used the 65 needle, as you suggested, Carol. Everything sewed beautifully, except one shirt. I was sitting right in front of my machine listening to it sew along on the next to the slowest speed. Somehow the stabilizer had gotten stuck underneath the hoop and--on the FINAL letter--the machine ATE the shirt! This very fine 100% polyester knit shirt now has a lovely "M & M Lawn Servic" embroidered on it. Instead of the final "e" there is a hole. It is the same size as the "e". The fabric from 2" to the right of the embroidery got pulled in and through the hole in the embroidery foot. This is a dark gray heather shirt. I'm thankful I used white thread and bobbin thread, but getting the whole thing loose resulted in the hole. There is also a weak spot, with perhaps a miniscule hole, over by the sleeve seam where it was caught. This was originally a $50 shirt, although my dear friend bought it on a very good sale.

Does anyone have any thoughts on how I might salvage this, apart from sewing a separately made name patch over the top of it? I'm not sure I have any iron-on adhesives that might enable me to put a patch under the area so that I might re-stitch the "e", given the fact that the shirt is 100% polyester. I left the shirt in the hoop and wrote down the coordinates from the embroidery. Any solution will have to be sturdy enough for a young man mowing lawns!

I tried to post a photo and failed; perhaps I shall try again later!

Thank you for any and all words of wisdom!

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