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MoDo -> Linda S. -- Here are the other dresses (4/21/2017 1:30:41 AM)

Hi Linda!! You had asked about the other two dresses I was making for Easter. Well, thanks to my having to paint instead of sew [:@], they weren't done in time for Easter, but since the girls ended up not being home Sunday, it didn't really matter (although I'm still upset about it [>:]). Anyway, here are the dresses I came up with (finished at 2 a.m. today [&:]):


I had no entredeux to use on these, so I had to improvise. I'm not happy with the sleeve treatment, but didn't want to try to put lace on gathered fabric without entredeux. (Note to self: Purchase a LOT of entredeux soon!!)

The dresses are the same except for the accent colors--one likes blue, the other likes pink.

Front Yokes:


Fancy bands:




I have the fabric to make slips for these, one blue, one pink, but have run into a problem: the Martha Pullen Fancy Slip runs extremely large!! I made a 3T for my DGD to go under her 3T Heirloom Party Dress and she was swimming in it! I don't know why I expected two patterns made by the Martha Pullen Company to actually be the same sizes [sm=rolleyes.gif]. Silly me. Anyway, I now have to come up with proper fitting slip patterns. The girls will be home tomorrow ... that is today ... no pressure here [&:].

So--what are you working on?? [:D]

caaguirre -> RE: Linda S. -- Here are the other dresses (4/21/2017 10:29:19 PM)

You did a beautiful job! I think the sleeves look just fine and am impressed by your skill and ingenuity in coming up with alternatives when needed.

Roxann -> RE: Linda S. -- Here are the other dresses (4/22/2017 1:57:51 AM)

These are lovely Modo..hope you get some nice photos of the girls wearing them.

MoDo -> RE: Linda S. -- Here are the other dresses (4/22/2017 8:32:50 AM)

Thank you, Ladies are so kind! The girls were actually thrilled with them!! And the dresses fit them! That's always my concern since I don't have the children around to fit the patterns to them. I have redrafted the slip patterns many times and think I finally have them sized right. I'll try to stitch those up later today/tonight and try to get some photos of the girls wearing the outfits.

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