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KristryMorgan -> Need security guards for schools…? (9/14/2017 1:10:03 AM)

My daughter’s school committee has been put up a proposal for hiring a security guard for the school. Many were for and against the management’s decision. I’m totally confused on that. I think it would be beneficial hiring the security guards in school because :
-Helps to reduce the violence
-Help to reduce the bullying and fighting between the children
-Increase the vigilance and observation of the children
-Provide helpful information to parents
-Provide guidance for parents and strangers

But I think students might be scared of the security guards. They might feel like they are in prison and it may harm their academic performance. What do you guys think about it? Is it a necessity to have a guard at school?

ShirleyCalgary -> RE: Need security guards for schools…? (9/14/2017 12:59:11 PM)

Hi Kristy Welcome to the MP forum. The school and event section I guess might be a bit confusing to new members. The schools and events are events - retreats - or a school of sewing where many of the members attend to learn new sewing techniques - new to them that is. Often the schools are held at a convention type setting where the supplies and distributors of sewing related merchandise have booths selling all things sewing from fabric lace buttons notions and thread and machine needles as well as actual sewing and serging (overlock) machines.
There is a section on Machine Embroidery where new members can post about themselves - such as Hi Im Kristy a new member from...... I am new to sewing or just getting back to sewing... or just bought my first embroidery machine and what type of sewing that you do everything from hand sewing and hand embroidery to smocking to heirloom sewing to machine embroider. It is the busiest of the forum headings so often you will find other things off topic marked OT that recently had to do with members posting that they were safe in Houston and Texas or in Florida etc.

ShirleyCalgary -> RE: Need security guards for schools…? (9/14/2017 1:02:32 PM)

The schools are also for people to get licensed for a particular brand of machines to be an instructor... Such as Babylock or Bernina or Janome - or to be lic. teachers of Serging machines.

DDinDFW -> RE: Need security guards for schools…? (10/2/2017 6:50:27 PM)

I'm pretty sure this is spam, Shirley.

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