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ShirleyCalgary -> WELL IT IS WINTER 28F AND BLOWING SNOW (11/1/2017 9:35:13 AM)

I have been knitting little preemie size hats the last week they take little yarn and about 2 hours or so depending
on your knitting speed - DPNS and 72 stitches. 3.25 mm needles

ShirleyCalgary -> RE: WELL IT IS WINTER 28F AND BLOWING SNOW (11/1/2017 9:37:09 AM)

The post picture does not work.... hit browse to attach and nothing will try later - sorry

ShirleyCalgary -> RE: WELL IT IS WINTER 28F AND BLOWING SNOW (11/1/2017 10:20:17 AM)

Finally there they are


MoDo -> RE: WELL IT IS WINTER 28F AND BLOWING SNOW (11/1/2017 10:56:25 AM)

These are very nice, Shirley! I'm sure the babies and their parents will be delighted!

KarenVA -> RE: WELL IT IS WINTER 28F AND BLOWING SNOW (11/2/2017 1:05:19 PM)

Those are really cute, Shirley!! That is a nice ministry!

ShirleyCalgary -> RE: WELL IT IS WINTER 28F AND BLOWING SNOW (10/21/2018 4:58:33 PM)

Well this is interesting to look back - the blowing snow all 18 inches of it by the time it was done hit us October 2nd a full month earlier for such a big snowfall and that snowfall took 2 weeks of some days very warm weather for all my snow to go.... I look across to a very shaded lot and he still has snow one week after mine mostly went... that would depress me no end. Anyway of course I have been knitting... my daughter told me that at the hospital where she works there is a box with baby hats in.... but then she said but MOM they look nothing like the ones you made they are the ugliest hats ever - she works at St Mary's hospital in Montreal... bet there are no longer nursing nuns there like there was 50 years ago when we visited my granny - nothing stays the same.... Knitting is such a "stilling" activity for me it quietens everything down... I have never knowingly bought any ugly yarn in my life - life is too short for ugly anything.... still can not wrap my head around someone knitting for a poor helpless baby who arrived too early and made ugly...
At this point in time I am knitting mitts and hats for gifts... we were warned that this would be a nasty winter at least in Canada - colder and more snow that normal - WHAT??? that was for sure last year not a single Chinook that lasted more than 2 or 3 hours all winter - it is a wonder I didn't go insane - I really loathe winter and cold and snow. During the summer what we had was beautiful very hot so I ordered patio furniture for my covered front porch love seat 2 chairs with very well padded seats and backs and a coffee table and rug and a few other accessories... I had been knitting baby things - I decided to make 3 hope chests for the next generation in our family one for each of my grand daughters - sweaters hats booties mitts blankets - I am nearly finished the 3rd blanket but decided to shift gears since the girls are still in school... no need for baby things for a while but better to be prepared. So I put the baby things aside to knit for winter and will knit hats for the homeless - they even have a website for the drop in center as it is called - I posted a question asking if they needed hats and if they have a demand for mitts - must go back and check if anyone responded. On a US website for knitting for the homeless they commented that the first hats to go were the plain single coloured ones and that hats with stripes or pom poms were slow movers and unloved. My cousin drives a diesel school bus - so she has to travel to the bus barn clear her bus of any snow before she even starts her work day and claims that the bus is ALWAYS cold - so I knitted her a very thick pair of long mitts she didn't seem to need hand warmers which I make - warmed for 1 minute per pair and shoved into pants pockets it seems to keep the body feeling warm - but well she wasn't interested..

caaguirre -> RE: WELL IT IS WINTER 28F AND BLOWING SNOW (10/29/2018 1:01:59 AM)

I missed this until now, what darling hats! I've done some crocheted hats to try to use up some of my left over yarn but I swear it multiplies when I'm not looking. Probably 20 hats and STILL too much left. Sorry to see winter setting in this early for you, but glad for the recipients who will wear your beautiful and warm knitted items.

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