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caaguirre -> Hang to Dry Embroidery site (11/30/2017 10:34:03 PM)

Anybody know what happened to Hang to Dry? The website is up but no designs are listed at all. I liked their designs and the frequent sales they had and am sorry to see this change.

Daylily430 -> RE: Hang to Dry Embroidery site (12/1/2017 7:31:46 AM)

They are closing their business.


caaguirre -> RE: Hang to Dry Embroidery site (12/1/2017 9:14:15 PM)

Thank you, although I'm on their mailing list I must have missed this note.

Daylily430 -> RE: Hang to Dry Embroidery site (12/5/2017 7:30:15 PM)

Carol, the only way I knew about Hang to Dry closing was from a post on FB. I used to get an e-mail quite regularly, but it is on an account I don't look at often. Just for fun, I looked to see when I had last received anything fro them and it was in May 2017. So, it doesn't seem like there was a " formal" notice e-mail to their customer list.

caaguirre -> RE: Hang to Dry Embroidery site (12/5/2017 10:28:17 PM)

Well that explains it then, too bad since usually a closing company tells their customers in time for us to buy what we put off buying before.

mari -> RE: Hang to Dry Embroidery site (12/6/2017 6:15:35 AM)

I read that they sold the rights to others and those that had bought designs from them were grandfathered in to use the designs that were sold. Not sure what this means or if true but this is what I read. Perhaps the purchaser or purchasers will reoffer for sale at some point or will just use on exclusive items for sale. I don't think I ever purchased from them but had considered buying the scalloped looking circular monogram. I am guessing this is why no closing sale or bundle was offered if this is true.

Bobette -> RE: Hang to Dry Embroidery site (12/7/2017 3:46:23 AM)

I did not know this either. It is sad. I liked that company. I did not get an email about their closing. I would have made sure I had more designs. There are so many good digitizers and designers that I can't begin to support all that I like. Was this the site that took the little red truck and filled with pumpkins for fall, and other things for other seasons?
They said customers designs would be archieved, but maybe that will come at later time and they will send us an email. Since I have a different computer, I would have checked to make sure I had re-downloaded what I had lost.

caaguirre -> RE: Hang to Dry Embroidery site (12/7/2017 2:58:53 PM)

Bobette, I've seen the trucks with seasonal items in the truck bed on lots of sites, Planet Applique for one so if you want it you'll find it elsewhere. I didn't check HTD for the archives but the note said they are available through December. Were they there when you looked?

Bobette -> RE: Hang to Dry Embroidery site (12/7/2017 6:47:23 PM)

There were no designs at all that I could see. I do wish they would went out an email to their customers so we would have known.

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