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DDinDFW -> Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly (12/27/2017 10:39:10 AM)

I stumbled upon this book at our neighborhood little library - a wooden box in our nearby park where people exchange books. I hadn't read a book that was this interesting in a few years. It's historical fiction based on WWII times and 3 women - 2 characters based on real people, and the third a composite of Polish women in a concentration camp. Fascinating.

KarenVA -> RE: Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly (12/28/2017 8:08:07 AM)

Thank you for this suggestion--I'm due to go to the library soon!!

caaguirre -> RE: Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly (12/28/2017 9:13:41 PM)

Thank you, I added this to my Amazon wishlist. They recommended Sarah's Key which is a book I've already read and seen the movie. It is excellent also.

Also from this time period, The Zion Covenant series by Brock and Bodie Thoene. These books follow a family from pre-war Europe through WWII.

I don't know why my original post got cut off so here's the rest of it.

Sorry if I hijacked your post Dana, stories from this era are some of my favorites.

DDinDFW -> RE: Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly (1/5/2018 9:17:42 PM)

I'll add this one to my wishlist.

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