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Joanne -> problems (1/4/2018 7:06:48 AM)

I just checked and my subscription to the 2018 IEC was not renewed automatically. I logged into the IEC page and sent an email to the link they supplied under "Contact us". It came back as undeliverable because there was no such address. Any suggestions?


kmroy -> RE: problems (1/4/2018 7:28:36 AM)

Try contacting Natalie Nettles


Chris Lyon -> RE: problems (2/3/2018 12:06:16 PM)

Went to pay and review my credit card statement. I was double charged. I called the number listed, waited on hold about 5 minutes, and finally left a message. I did get an email response asking for more information. I will update on progress, but I would suggest we all check our credit card statements. I may not be the only one.

Chris Lyon -> RE: problems (2/27/2018 11:46:37 AM)

I checked my latest statement and the overcharge has been refunded.

Joanne -> RE: problems (2/28/2018 6:26:32 AM)

I decided to go along with the renewal lapse. I really don't need more alphabets and I haven't been doing that much embroidery lately. If they can't remember me and I've been a member since the beginning, well, they made my decision for me.

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