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Linda S. -> What is everyone working on? (1/9/2018 4:26:15 PM)

Do we have any sewing going on? LOL!!! Where did everyone go???

I'm finishing up a little baby daygown for a preemie out of cotton sateen
I'd like to use batiste but then I'd need to make a slip which also opened
down the back and I'm not sure how that would look. This is third one I've
done in a couple weeks for the same baby, because I kept getting new
information and had to start over. That's ok. Sadly, someone will need
them eventually.

Anyway, I'm so grateful to have found this pattern book!

It's by Nancy Coburn for Gingersnaps, and it's a little raglans sleeve daygown.
I love raglan sleeves for babies, because so often set in sleeves don't sit
where they should. With raglan sleeves one doesn't need to worry about

And there are FIVE preemie sizes included in the pattern. The size is
determined by the baby's weight and height is considered too. Isn't that
nice? I've only ever found preemie patterns coming in one size and each
one is a little different.

There is also a size offered for Newborn, infant and a 15 in. doll. Wonderful

caaguirre -> RE: What is everyone working on? (1/9/2018 8:33:40 PM)

I've been doing a little hand work making yo yos out of red, white, and pink for a valentine's day table topper. Been in my mind for years and finally taking Nike's advice and " Just Do It."

Glad you found the pattern you like for these gowns, can you tell me which of Nancy Coburn's patterns it is?

aussie -> RE: What is everyone working on? (1/10/2018 5:45:50 AM)

Just finished a granny square quilt for the homeless. Have not had any quilts in my stash, so have to start building it again. Am making all white booties, hats, and blankets for a preemie group that is in desperate need for burial items. They are very particular on what they want and I don't like their dress pattern or sleeper pattern, so will help with booties, blankets, etc. Good way to use all this white yarn. Am heading upstairs to get patterns and fabrics and come back down to do some cutting while I have this table setting up in the living room. Will cut out sleepers, underwear, and children's pajamas. Just easier if I have a few things cut and ready for the machine. Nothing major going on here, just the same ol, needy, needy, needy people out there. So will help as I can. Predicting a snow storm over the weekend, so will have my sewing projects ready as long as we have power.

Looked at those raglan patterns also. Like you, nothing beats a raglan sleeve! They sure are darling.

Carol NW Ohio

Joanne -> RE: What is everyone working on? (1/10/2018 6:35:39 AM)

doing handwork here. White on white quilt and a cross stitch piece for my sewing room. have cut squares and am piecing them willy-nilly to be lap quilts for a nursing home.

cnagle957 -> RE: What is everyone working on? (1/10/2018 7:31:30 AM)

Good Morning All,

I have been hand sewing some binding on 4 table mats that I started before Christmas and didn't get finished, so I'll be ahead of the game for this year!
I also have a baby quilt that the blocks are done, binding cut but I need to get it put together and quilted.

I've been working on organizing my sewing room (Isn't that the funniest thing you have ever heard?) I purchased more storage bins and have been sorting and organizing and purging things I've had forever but will never used. Next on the list is to empty the fabric closet and fold, sort, purge in there as well. I have lots of juvenile prints that
I probably won't ever use so no need to use the space that could be for "new" fabrics.

Other than that, here I am at work when I'd rather be home stitching.

Hugs to all,

gillie -> RE: What is everyone working on? (1/10/2018 7:59:07 AM)

I haven't been doing much sewing but the Middle School music teacher asked if I would sew for their production of Peter Pan Jr. First thing I am to make are to match a mermaid costume they have with 3 more. What have I got myself in to. My youngest is in 10th grade but I see their music teacher from Middle school when we go to the symphony concerts.

nlsummerlin -> RE: What is everyone working on? (1/10/2018 11:13:56 AM)

I've been missing in action! I have been working on memory bears and also bears for the Rare Bears program of rarescience.org - Bears made for kids with very rare diseases.

Linda S. -> RE: What is everyone working on? (1/10/2018 1:35:22 PM)

Caaguirre, I'm using the 'Baby Daygowns book IV' patterns. I notice she has
several other daygown patterns...they come as a book with good instructions
and illustrations for variations one can use. Full size patterns are included in
a pull-out. But I think book IV is the only one with so many different preemie
sizes. Could be wrong about that, but looked at another one and didn't see them.

Linda S. -> RE: What is everyone working on? (1/10/2018 1:38:08 PM)

Aussie, I wonder if you could use the same pattern I'm using, for your little
bereavement gowns? I was so glad to find it, and with so many sizes for
different size preemies too! So many of the preemie patterns I have are
really too big....there is only one preemie size and they fit a baby up to about
6 pounds.....many preemies would swim in something that size. You sure
are ambitious and a busy bee!

Some hospitals like the front opening and some prefer the back opening.
The first ones I made opened down the front (I though that was what
everyone preferred), but after talking to a nurse at the hospital where this
one baby will be delivered, she specifically requested a back closure. I
guess it all depends on who is doing the dressing?

May I ask where you donate your quilts for the homeless? God bless you richly
for your kind heart!

Linda S. -> RE: What is everyone working on? (1/10/2018 1:47:42 PM)

I would LOVE to see your hand embroidered white work quilt when
it's finished! It sounds lovely. Will you share a pic when you're done? Can't
wait to see! And what a sweet thing to do. The elderly especially will appreciate
the hard work you've put in this quilt...kids these days are pretty far removed
from hand work, or knowing how much time and effort it takes.

My hat is off to you for organizing your sewing room! I know what a job that is!
And it takes time to sort through every sewing thing we have and collected over
the years. I forget what I have, and on the rare occasion I go through everything
it's like Christmas when I find stuff I had TOTALY forgot I had LOL!!!

That sounds like fun sewing! But now that they know you can sew like this....look
out! LOL!!! I started sewing for my daughter's school play and wow...the director
never failed to involve me after that ; ). Can we see your costumes when they're done?

What a sweet thing to do, making all those darling little stuffed animals. If there's one
thing a child loves, it's that! Bless your tender heart for doing this!

vpenner -> RE: What is everyone working on? (1/10/2018 4:03:18 PM)

I finished two king-sized quilt tops last year, even with everything I had going on (some years when it rains, it pours!!). I'm planning on quilting them on my regular sewing machine. I took the machine in for servicing because the bobbin kept slipping. It was working fine for a while, but it's acting up again. It looks like back to the shop again after I have my DH check to see if I reinserted the case incorrectly after cleaning the machine out--a distinct possibility; I'm used to a removable rotary bobbin system, and I can't quite get used to the drop-in variety (even after several years using this particular machine), so I might have been off in my reinsertion of the bobbin case after I cleaned the lint out of the machine. Thankfully, I do have my backup Bernina if all else fails!!

I'm also purging my sewing room a bit. We may or may not be making a cross-country move in the next 18-24 months, so I'm starting now. It's not a bad idea to purge, anyway. One thing I've discovered over the years is that the fabric stash actually comes in handy during a move. Fabric makes good packing material so nobody complains about having it around for that purpose!! Everything else is better kept at a minimum--less to move, especially from Nevada to the East Coast!! Next purge is the patterns and binders, but I need to give myself a break because all that bending, stretching and lifting (even though it wasn't heavy lifting) aggravated my shoulder and neck injuries.

aussie -> RE: What is everyone working on? (1/10/2018 6:37:21 PM)

Linda, there are so many needing quilts during this cold weather. Check with the churches, your men's shelters in your area, any organization that steps up to help people in need. I try to keep 6 on hand but that Hurricane in Texas and a couple other places, well there went my stash. And now we are supposed to get hit this weekend with another storm. The temps have been brutal for these people.

Bereavement gowns are usually open at the back. Less handling of the baby when dressing them. Some fathers were complaining of gowns on the boy babies, and changes were made to burial items for them. Personally my choice is a very soft flannel for bereavement. I just think the mother would always hold that in her heart when she sees her baby in a very soft garment. But that is my choice and I am very fortunate not to speak from experience. I would have no idea how to make something for a 1.5 lb baby. Don't even think my fingers would cooperate in that sewing project.

Glad you are making them. There are many who back away just from the thought of what they are used for. Very sad.

Carol NW OH

MoDo -> RE: What is everyone working on? (1/10/2018 8:54:36 PM)

I'm down with the flu. [X(]

caaguirre -> RE: What is everyone working on? (1/10/2018 9:39:02 PM)

My condolences, Modo, I just got over it but still have a cough. This one is no fun and everyone I know has had or does have it.

Pat C. -> RE: What is everyone working on? (1/11/2018 3:06:31 PM)

MoDo, Feel better soon:(

Linda S. -> RE: What is everyone working on? (1/12/2018 2:32:14 PM)

MoDo, Bless your dear heart and I pray God heals you soon. so far, we've managed
to avoid the flu for many years but I've heard it's really going around now. Take good
care of yourself, and don't forget your vitamin C!

Linda S. -> RE: What is everyone working on? (1/12/2018 5:06:23 PM)


I have a drop in bobbin on my Babylock Ellure, and was about ready to take
it in to the shop too...same problem as you're having, maybe. I took the bobbin
case out and removed needle plate and that other plastic plate in front so I
could clean. Put it back together, and could not sew.

This happened before after removing everything to clean, and was about to take
it in that time too when I gave it one more try. Took off sewing perfectly and I
didn't know why.

So when this happened again a couple weeks ago, I happened to be at the dealer's
shop for a lesson (on another machine), and told him of my problem. He said this
is a common problem, told me how to put things back together and voila'! Sews
fine once again. I don't know WHY this matters but it does. I should add that
Rosie told me about this video. Thanks Rosie! Vpenner....see if this helps you:

Here's a link to a utube video that explains it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y39thmhz16g

MoDo -> RE: What is everyone working on? (1/12/2018 10:49:23 PM)

Thank you for the well-wishes, Ladies [:)]. I seem to be over the worst of it and now must contend, like Carol, with the followup cough. I've been told it can last up to three weeks! On the bright side--I did fall under 120 pounds for the first time in many years [:D]. I don't, however, recommend the flu as a weight-loss program [;)].

vpenner -> RE: What is everyone working on? (1/13/2018 10:49:54 AM)

Thank you, Linda!! I'll check out the video.

NormaK -> RE: What is everyone working on? (1/22/2018 8:04:55 PM)

I just (last week) finished machine-embroidering the two front yoke pieces of a flannel nightgown I am making. There are 27 identical tiny roses from one of Martha's disks (I'll check out the title soon) on each half-front. This is the second one I've done from this pattern and this design, and I shall make my own piping to go around the neckline and the yoke where it joins the bodice and sleeves. I'll give you more information and, I hope, a photo, soon. I stayed home all last week until Sunday and got a lot done, but not as much as I'd planned. After I get to the grocery store tomorrow, I plan to get back to sewing! [:)]

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