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debi@thebeach -> Sewing for Royal Baby (1/11/2018 11:07:10 PM)

I have my first grandchild on the way and I wanted to make something out of this book. I cannot get the pattern to come up. The CD says start here and I do and I see all the pictures but when I point to one and click it doesn't do anything. Any suggestions?
Thx so much!

Linda S. -> RE: Sewing for Royal Baby (1/12/2018 2:27:39 PM)

Debi, Welcome to the forum! I don't have an answer for you, but am hoping
someone else here will see this and be able to help.

In the meanwhile, I would contact the Martha Pullen Co and see what
they have to say. This is just a Martha Pullen online chat group for us
ladies who love heirloom sewing and use Martha Pullen Co. materials and
education for our projects.

If someone doesn't respond to you soon, I'll see if I can get more attention
for this. I know some here have used this CD. I have it, but have never
opened it up.

debi@thebeach -> RE: Sewing for Royal Baby (1/21/2018 4:28:02 PM)

Thx Linda I appreciate your response.

Linda S. -> RE: Sewing for Royal Baby (1/23/2018 10:14:45 AM)

I thought I'd try bumping this to the top since no one has answered. Does anyone
have suggestions for this new member? Has anyone else had problems with this?
Thanks in advance : )

caaguirre -> RE: Sewing for Royal Baby (1/23/2018 9:53:14 PM)

I don't have that pattern either but welcome to the forum debi@thebeach. I've had problems opening CDs when a newer version of Windows comes out but since yours opens that can't be it. I thought technology is supposed to be our friend!

Nananeva -> RE: Sewing for Royal Baby (1/23/2018 11:46:44 PM)

I love the book, but with my husband's bad health I have never tried to open mine. I haven't done any heirloom sewing since he passed away Think I am going to go try it right now. [8|] [8|] [8|]

Nananeva -> RE: Sewing for Royal Baby (1/24/2018 12:13:45 AM)

My CD was in the plastic holder in the book. Wonder if I copied it to my embroidery files? It opened easily. Opened the READ First file, and there were photos of all the projects. Double Click on what you want to see, and there are the patterns to print out. Love the Princess Charlotte dress and bonnet! Open the other files for the embroidery formats. I double clicked on what I wanted to see, and they opened. Hope you can get yours to work!

Will check my computer files tomorrow. Wonder how many things I have tucked away and never did a backup?

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