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caaguirre -> The Blue Dress (2/3/2018 7:09:03 PM)

A heartwarming story in the newspaper about a little blue velveteen yoke dress with white lace trim made by Minnie Van Dis for her grand daughter's first birthday photo at J.C. Penney's Department Store in 1960. Since then the dress has been handed down and worn by 13 baby girls in the family for their first birthday photos at J.C. Penney. There was an adorable picture of nine women holding up their birthday photos along with the latest baby girl in the dress waiting for her birthday photo to be made. So to all of you who make these beautiful dresses, be encouraged because you just never know what the history of those dresses might be.

Grammie -> RE: The Blue Dress (2/3/2018 7:15:18 PM)

Delightful story!

Fancy Stitches -> RE: The Blue Dress (2/3/2018 8:06:51 PM)

That's a wonderful story...thanks for sharing!


DDinDFW -> RE: The Blue Dress (2/3/2018 9:25:46 PM)

Blue dress Here is the story!

gillie -> RE: The Blue Dress (2/4/2018 8:52:38 AM)

THank you. Makes it all worthwhile.

tricia.heller -> RE: The Blue Dress (2/22/2018 4:31:12 PM)

So cool!!

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