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DDinDFW -> Youngest son has the flu. (2/6/2018 1:42:14 PM)

Please keep him in your prayers. He's worried after reading the news about healthy people losing their life due to the flu. I think he is also remembering when we thought his dad had the flu. Thanks

ShirleyCalgary -> RE: Youngest son has the flu. (2/6/2018 3:15:52 PM)

OMG for sure he would be scared spitless - many of the flu deaths are people in his age bracket... chicken soup - plenty of fluids rest rest rest and sending prayers

gillie -> RE: Youngest son has the flu. (2/6/2018 7:26:34 PM)

Has he been getting the flu shots? They say it helps for them to get them to build up an immunity. I'm sure it must be very scary for him and you too. Prayers for you both.

NormaK -> RE: Youngest son has the flu. (2/6/2018 10:52:52 PM)

Praying he feels better soon.

Chris Lyon -> RE: Youngest son has the flu. (2/7/2018 11:11:52 AM)

Prayers for physical healing and a lessen of the anxiety. Severe illness coming so soon after his father's sudden death has to be difficult for you both.

DDinDFW -> RE: Youngest son has the flu. (2/7/2018 7:00:04 PM)

Thank you for all your prayers. He will stay home from school one more day in hopes the coughing lessens, but he feeling about 80% better already! Yes, we always get flu shots, and he started Tamiflu as soon as he was diagnosed. He has been resting/sleeping lots and drinking fluids, and never really lost his appetite. I am so happy he has improved so much. Thanks again for the prayers.

gillie -> RE: Youngest son has the flu. (2/9/2018 7:49:35 AM)

Glad he is feeling better and thanks for letting us know.

LindaTX -> RE: Youngest son has the flu. (2/9/2018 5:31:42 PM)

Praise God he is doing better. My youngest daughter always gets flu shots, but got the flu this year too. It was pretty scary because her doctor was afraid that the flu would cause her to have seizures since she has epilepsy.

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