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Linda S. -> Is anyone doing Easter Sewing? (3/4/2018 3:12:34 PM)

It's been so quiet here lately, I just wondered what everyone is working on.
I finished up my last little bereavement gown (need to take a picture...then
talk my daughter into posting it for me lol!).

Next on my sewing to-do list is to make some simple t-shirts and learn how
to use these great machines my daughter and husband gave me. I have a
new Babylock Imagine serger and a Babylock coverstitch machine that I
have yet to use! I feel pretty bad about that too, since these guys were
excited to give them to me. Best get stitching!

Spring is right around the corner, and the last few days have been hinting
strongly at it's coming. But would you believe I wish we had another couple
months of cold and snow? I love the nicer weather, and am a big time
gardener in summer....but look forward to cold winter months when I can
sit and sew to my heart's content, not worrying about weeds and gardening.

Is anyone doing their Easter Sewing? I'd love to hear what you're making,
or planning to make : )

MoDo....aren't you making an Easter dress? I love following along and
sewing vicariously through you, since I don't have a little girl to sew for : )

Grammie -> RE: Is anyone doing Easter Sewing? (3/4/2018 5:05:41 PM)

Hi Linda...I am not Modo but I am working on an Easter dress for my 5-year-old granddaughter. The pattern is "Summer Blooms" from AS&E #87. The fabric is some printed pique I bought from Martha Pullen several years ago and have been waiting for the perfect dress to sew it up. Of course, the fabric in the magazine dress is very different so my dress won't quite look like the photos.

If this dress is too big for my girl she can wear one of two others in my closet that she has finally grown into. Last year I made her a lovely pink & white & turquoise dress and she wore it to church with her orange rain boots! She keeps me humble.

The dress just needs sleeves set-in, hemming, and buttons & buttonholes - then it will be finished and I'll take a photo.

MoDo -> RE: Is anyone doing Easter Sewing? (3/4/2018 7:07:12 PM)

Hi Linda!! How nice of you to ask; thank you! I am, of course, making a dress for my darling, little girl again this year [:)]. I gave her the option of either a "fancy" dress (heirloom) or a "regular-type" dress (I have some really cute Daisy Kingdom fabric with bunnies in baskets). Much to my surprise and pleasure, she chose the "fancy" dress!!! Do you remember this dress I made for her in 2015?:


She really loved that dress, and, as it happens, I still have a good amount of that fabric left over. So, I'm thinking of making another dress with that fabric, but change it up a bit so it isn't an exact copy. And, for a change, I have loads of lace insertion and edging [:)]. Unfortunately, what I don't have is a good supply of entredeux (if it aint' one thing, it's another [sm=rolleyes.gif]). So, I need to start scouring the internet in search of reasonably priced entredeux now that Luc no longer carries it. I also need to find a supplier that can get the stuff to me fast! Wish me luck [&:].

gillie -> RE: Is anyone doing Easter Sewing? (3/4/2018 7:14:19 PM)

I'll be making only one for the 17 year old dgd. Of course, being 17, she has yet to choose the fabric or pattern. I will be making a couple of dresses for the two little ones I sew for but not sure if it will be worn on Easter or Birthday. They can't be too fancy or need ironing as that won't happen. Sad to say. I have been noticing what some of these parent post on Facebook as cute. Not at all to my taste. As my Mother used to say "I've lived too long"

vpenner -> RE: Is anyone doing Easter Sewing? (3/5/2018 12:37:20 PM)

I'm sewing for myself this year--this one: I'm basically making a wearable muslin out of some clearance fabric from Farmhouse Fabric (same price as "junk" fabric from Joann's, but high quality fabric so I won't feel like I'm wasting my efforts/time). I've got some more expensive fabric from Farmhouse, but I'd rather test the pattern out first with something else.

gillie -> RE: Is anyone doing Easter Sewing? (3/5/2018 2:41:32 PM)

Very nice Vanessa.

caaguirre -> RE: Is anyone doing Easter Sewing? (3/5/2018 3:26:59 PM)

I think I literally drooled when I looked at that Vogue pattern, vintage elegance is what I saw and love. Have fun making and wearing that beauty.

vpenner -> Is anyone doing Easter Sewing? (3/5/2018 7:11:30 PM)


Do you have Carol Ahles' Fine Machine Sewing book and a machine with "heirloom" stitches, particularly a hemstittch equivalent? If so, Carol gives instructions for making your own entredeux. Better yet, she gives instructions for using a corded Venetian stitch for a faggoting stitch that gives the same look without separate entredeux. In my edition of her book (2001 hardcover), it is on page 146-148. Also, here are some instructions for DIY entredeux:

MoDo -> RE: Is anyone doing Easter Sewing? (3/5/2018 10:35:23 PM)

Yes, to both questions, Vanessa [:)]. I've also read Janice's tutorial. It's one of those things where I say I should really learn to do that--but put it off until I realize I need entredeux NOW and don't want to try to learn to make it under pressure. One of these days, though ... [:D].

I did order some through Farmhouse Fabrics and was told it would be sent out tomorrow.

Linda S. -> RE: Is anyone doing Easter Sewing? (3/6/2018 3:57:28 PM)

Oh what fun we have going on here!

Grammie, can hardly wait to see your dress! I loved AS&E, but caught on to their magazine when the
company was about to stop publishing it. I think I have a handful of them, a couple gifted to me along
with a WHOLE PILE of Sew Beautifuls...and the last one or two they published. AS&E had frequent articles
about hand embroidery...the old fashioned kind, which I dearly love. And their classic patterns for children's
clothes were wonderful. And WOWZERS, what a lucky little girl to have a closet full of beautiful dresses
to grow into. Do let us see your dress, when it's finished?

Gillie, your granddaughter is very blessed to have you to sew for her. These days, it's getting hard
to find classic clothing...or anything well made, unless we spend a small fortune for it. With this new
trend of "fast fashion", we have to wonder if a purchased garment will last through one day of wearing lol!.
And oh my goodness, the styles are so immodest, in my humble opinion. It's not unusual to find dept.
store clothes that look like they belong on a lady of the evening LOL! Can't wait to see what you make : ).

Vpenner, That Vogue pattern is to die for! I love everything about it. I see pattern companies are
bringing back a lot of "vintage" designs and I'm so glad they did. One can still find vintage patterns
here and there, but the instructions can be a little lacking and the fit (built-in ease) is so different for
various decades. Hope we get to see it when you're done?

And I was about to say the same thing to MoDo, who really goes through the entredeaux! I love the
look of entredeaux and know it's functional too. The next time I use it, I'm going to try Carol's corded
machine entredeax. She said it's strong too. Gosh, I love her book! I've read it many, many times for inspiration.

Linda S. -> RE: Is anyone doing Easter Sewing? (3/6/2018 5:24:48 PM)

MoDo, How, could I forget this's gorgeous! The fabric is especially pretty too. Don't blame
you for wanting to use it again. And I can just imagine your excitement, to learn your grandchild still
likes fancy dresses! I'm anxious to hear how you're going to use all that insertion...lace shaping, maybe?
The planning part is half the fun, for me!

Wish I knew where to find reasonably priced entredeaux...but Luc was the only one I knew. Wonder why
he stopped carrying it? Maybe he would consider selling it again, if he knew how much we missed it.

I've not made a garment using Carol's method for machine entredeaux, but have had fun making samples.
It's really easy to do! If you use the venetian stitch (don't know if your machine has this?), you can do
it in one step...attaching the cording on both sides, with the stitch catching the cords, and the holes end
up in the middle. You can also do it using a pinstitch, which is really pretty too...and I think makes bigger
holes (it's ALL about those holes, don't 'cha know ; ). But both are really pretty. The holes are quite a bit
larger on linen...but then it's the same when doing pinstitching too.

Here's a thought: You could even stitch out a few miles of entredeaux, then cut it out leaving a seam allowance
on both sides like the regular purchased entredeaux has. Of course you'd be adding an extra step when it
could be used to apply the lace at the same time....but you would have it handy, and until you feel practiced
enough to do it right on the fabric. The stitch is super easy to do, with a cording's attaching it to
lace or fabric that takes a bit of practice. Can you believe how much we can talk about holes in fabric? LOL!!!

MoDo -> RE: Is anyone doing Easter Sewing? (3/7/2018 10:50:26 PM)

Thank you, Linda ... I was a bit proud of that dress, if I do say so myself (and I did [:D]).

During Craftsy's free weekend, I watched Susan Stewart's "Heirloom Sewing: More Classic Techniques". Wow! It also reminded me that I purchased the first class, "Heirloom Sewing: Essential Techniques", but never watched it! So, I'm going to do that and start sketching ideas for use on this next dress.

As to the entredeux--The package arrived today! Farmhouse Fabrics has the least expensive I could find now that Luc doesn't sell it. After things settle down here (if ever!), I will attempt to make my own. Stay tuned [img][/img]!

BTW--Trip to "river boat" coming next month or May [;)].

SewLynn -> RE: Is anyone doing Easter Sewing? (3/11/2018 12:21:21 PM)

I'm making a nightgown for the almost 9 year old granddaughter. Her birthday is 2 days before Easter this year. I already completed a Pettiskirt. Both patterns are Violette Field Threads - Esmee and Mae. She is a size larger than the girls' patterns there, but easy enough to size up the one size. I wish they'd release more of the patterns in their Tween size. At any rate, the pettiskirt is finished, and the nightgown nearly so. After which, there will be a matching doll nightgown.

I have an ample supply of laces, and embellished the nightgown a bit and YES, after watching another 'chapter' of Susan Stewart's first Heirloom Sewing video on Craftsy. I was reminded of how easy it is to add heirloom touches to everyday sewing. The fabric is a lavender pique cotton from Farmhouse Fabrics that I added to my stash when they clearanced some remnants last month. The end result looks as much like a dress as it does a nightgown. Photos later.

Linda S. -> RE: Is anyone doing Easter Sewing? (3/12/2018 11:13:51 AM)

Lynn, I can't wait to see this sounds beautiful! I love pretty night gowns and if I ever get
around to it, I'm going to make a batiste summer gown for myself with yards and yards of cotton batiste.
I have a vintage pattern for the yoke, which is pictured on the pattern made with rows of lace insertion...
a very heirloomy looking design. I had a purchased nightgown and robe set once, that was a gift from my
husband and I wore it until it was thread bare. That gown was sooo comfortable for warm summer nights.

Thanks for the reminder of the Craftsy classes. Somehow I've missed those and they sound interesting.

As for adding heirloom touches to everyday sewing, do you have Carol Ahles book, 'Fine Machine Sewing'?
she has some nice examples of how she uses heirloom stitches on everyday clothes...even purchases ones.
I love that book, and have an extra one if anyone is interested.

Linda S. -> RE: Is anyone doing Easter Sewing? (3/12/2018 11:38:42 AM)

And I can't figure out how the link to Janice's blog got inserted as the subject for this thread!
That wasn't what I typed into the subject line, which is right when one clicks on the post. Does
anyone know how this might have happened?

MoDo -> RE: Is anyone doing Easter Sewing? (3/12/2018 5:38:35 PM)

Linda: Hmm ... it seems to have appeared only after Vanessa posted Janice's link--kind of odd [&:]. I'll see if I can change it.

Oh, and can you believe it?! That "loads" of lace that I have--turns out there's no insertion; it's all beading lace and edging lace [sm=rolleyes.gif]. That means unless I want to get "creative" on this dress I have to purchase insertion lace. And, after contacting Luc, I find this is the one week of the year that they are out of the office, so any order wouldn't get here in time. That means if I want insertion lace I have to purchase it from a retail vendor for about 2 or 3 times the price [:o]. What to do? What to do?? Stay tuned [:D].

SewLynn -> RE: Is anyone doing Easter Sewing? (3/13/2018 12:03:33 AM)

First Esmee (Violet Field Threads) nightgown complete.


SewLynn -> RE: Is anyone doing Easter Sewing? (3/13/2018 12:06:14 AM)

Yes, Linda, I have Carol Ahles book, and several of Martha Pullen's. There's just the one granddaughter that really appreciates the lace and heirloom touches. Although - once her sister sees this, I am sure she will be asking for something similar and I'm already to go! :-)

MoDo -> RE: Is anyone doing Easter Sewing? (3/13/2018 8:46:45 AM)

A very sweet nightie, Lynn!

caaguirre -> RE: Is anyone doing Easter Sewing? (3/13/2018 4:04:22 PM)

So pretty, Lynn, I love the purple and the nightie. You've made me a real fan of Violette Field.

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