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Linda S. -> Help! Butterick B5526 (4/30/2018 1:34:28 PM)

Does anyone by chance have this blouse pattern size 6-12? I've made it before, but have lost the
original collar pattern piece. And I've altered the pattern so it fits only me, and would have
to go through that with another pattern.

I've looked online for this older pattern (not THAT old..but still...) and it's expensive
to buy another one...and I only need this tiny collar piece.

The last time I used this pattern, I re-drafted the collar using Nancy Zieman's magic
collar...then must have accidently tossed the original. The fabric I'm using now is
a see-through plaid, so I don't want to use the magic collar. Besides, my "magic
collar" pattern looks a little wonky to me now LOL! I had to make many adjustments
to it, to get it to work (user error, I am sure).

I know Bunny has this pattern. She highly recommended it, but I haven't been able
to get in touch with Bunny. Hope everything is going well for her after her big move.
Thanks a million to anyone who has this and would be willing to share : ).

raoke -> RE: Help! Butterick B5526 (4/30/2018 1:52:22 PM)

If you aren't a prime member, I can order it and then you can pay me for it.

raoke -> RE: Help! Butterick B5526 (4/30/2018 1:58:09 PM)

Ok. Good luck!

Linda S. -> RE: Help! Butterick B5526 (5/1/2018 3:54:32 AM)

Raoke, You are so kind to make this offer! The pattern in the link you shared is a McCalls pattern
that sure does look like the Butterick I was looking for. They're the exact same designs, minus
a ruffle down the front option.

This started me wondering how much difference there could be in a common pointed collar, and if
I might be able to use another collar pattern piece from a different pattern I have. As long as the
neck edge is the same, the rest wouldn't matter. I think I'm going to give that a try instead of
buying a whole new pattern.

Thank you for taking the time to look for this!

vpenner -> RE: Help! Butterick B5526 (5/1/2018 12:07:58 PM)

Is this it?

Linda S. -> RE: Help! Butterick B5526 (5/2/2018 11:12:27 AM)

That's the one. Do you have this pattern?

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