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Janice -> Pooh and CC Charlotte (6/13/2018 12:36:13 AM)

My latest blog post at Brother's blog, Stitching Sewcial has just been posted. Pooh and Piglet in a field of flowers embellish a Children's Corner Charlotte lined top, paired with ruffled capris. This is one of the sweetest Disney designs and it fits the front corner of Charlotte perfectly. The tutorial is detailed with many photo illustrations, making it easy for you to sew up a sweet outfit for a special girl. Comments are very welcome and greatly appreciated.


aussie -> RE: Pooh and CC Charlotte (6/13/2018 4:54:20 AM)

How adorable! That is just precious. Love the ruffle on the capris. I am making tops with shorts or capris for charity. None of which are as fancy but they can either be play wear or sleep wear. Good way to use up my fabric stash. The outfit looks so cool and just pretty as it can be. What a lucky little girl whoever gets that outfit. The bear is so cute too. Love sweet designs on children's garments. They see enough junk in life, need to see some pretty, sweet and lovely things. I am still stuck in "lady like" things. They are children for such a short time. Really loved seeing this outfit.

Carol NW Ohio

Nananeva -> RE: Pooh and CC Charlotte (6/13/2018 12:25:11 PM)

I agree with Carol, this is just precious! I don't have the Brother Dream machine, but I do have lots of designs to use the same way. My youngest gr daughter is 7 on June 30th, so am looking for things to make for her. Capri pants will work for her age group. Thank you Janice, for sharing.

Penny Hal -> RE: Pooh and CC Charlotte (6/13/2018 12:46:14 PM)

This is just the cutest outfit! Your color choices in thread and fabric make it look so bright, happy, and summery! Did you make that hanger just for this outfit?

ShirleyCalgary -> RE: Pooh and CC Charlotte (6/13/2018 5:26:52 PM)

Love love love the red buttons on the white and the capri pants are just to cute. I don't have brother machines but I do have some Pooh designs I think...

MoDo -> RE: Pooh and CC Charlotte (6/13/2018 5:52:08 PM)


caaguirre -> RE: Pooh and CC Charlotte (6/13/2018 10:30:33 PM)

Adorable, I love the red buttons too as well as all the other delightful detail. Another fantastic project, Janice.

ShirleyCalgary -> RE: Pooh and CC Charlotte (6/14/2018 12:15:09 AM)

I am wondering what fabric that white is that the red lining does not show - perhaps Janice can let us know... and I am also wondering if that Pooh in the garden design that is for sale for $15 approx. u.s. works on all machines it says for this machine and that machine - well it is rather confusing - since it is available as a built in design on some machines... other lesser models perhaps or older brother machine perhaps didn't come with that design so now brother machine owners can buy it.... am I missing something - so it is for sale but what???? would not work on Bernina or Janome or Singer or Pfaff machines?

Janice -> RE: Pooh and CC Charlotte (6/14/2018 2:25:30 AM)

Penny, no, I did not make the hanger. Many years ago, I saw these gingham hangers in red and navy and snatched them up. I had no grandchildren but they caught my eye. Later, I saw two pairs of soft ivory hangers. one with pink dots and the other with mint green. It was years before I used them, but now they are in use a lot! The right hanger can add a lot to a photo.

Janice -> RE: Pooh and CC Charlotte (6/14/2018 2:45:33 AM)

Shirley, it is all very complicated with the Disney designs. First, you have to understand that Disney makes the rules, not Brother USA. Brother purchased the exclusive rights/license to include the designs on their machines and then when ibroidery.com came on the scene, Brother Disney machine owners were thrilled that they could access most of the designs built into machines older or newer than theirs. the designs. Disney has mandatedthe restrictions. The designs can only be used on Brother Disney machines, those with a D at the end of the model name. While hundred and hundreds are "built in" to various models, in order to purchase other Disney design you must register your D machine at ibroidery.com. Even if you have more than one Disney machine, the design can only be assigned to one machine. If you have another, you can change the assignment on-line at ibroidery.com but never have it for use on two machines simultaneously. Many Disney machine owners in Canada or UK are understandably upset that they cannot access/purchase the designs. But that is because Brother Canada or Brother UK has not purchased the license from Disney. No other machine brand can use the designs--not Bernina or Pfaff or Viking or Janome or any others. One lady asked me why, if her machine can read .pes, can she not use the designs? 1. Because you cannot buy designs without a certifiable machine ID number and 2. the designs are keyed somehow so that only the machine listed at the time of purchase can use it. Disney is very protective of their "branding" so they hold the cards and make the rules. Brother has to abide by the purchase/license agreement. FYI, a purchased design cannot be opened in an editing program like PE-Design or BuzzEdit or saved to a memory stick, the design cannot be edited in any way, not even mirrored! Those are Disney's requirements, not Brother's. Let know if you have any questions. I'm no expert, but I have worked with these rules since the first Disney machine, the ULT 2002. Lots of rules, but lots of fun to have access to the designs. My grandchildren and all those I have embroidered gifts for love them.

Janice -> P.S. fabric used (6/14/2018 2:52:30 AM)

Shirley, the white fabric is a cotton twill, soft but dense enough to prevent shadowing the lining. But I've never minded lining showing through white. I think often it can add interest. See the[image][/image] organdy bonnet lined with a floral print.[image]http://www.janicefergusonsews.com/blog/2011/01/22/zig-zag-bonnet-ii/[/image]

ShirleyCalgary -> RE: P.S. fabric used (6/14/2018 10:57:04 AM)

Thanks Janice - need to replenish my twill stash... and thanks for clarifying about the POOH Disney designs - I can just as easily substitute BEATRICE POTTER DESIGNS PETER RABBIT

Grammie -> RE: P.S. fabric used (6/14/2018 7:56:39 PM)

Wonderful outfit - as usual from our Janice! I love the colours...and of course, Pooh is very special.

Janice -> RE: P.S. fabric used (6/14/2018 8:44:49 PM)

Shirley, I LOVE Beatrix Potter designs soo much! They are as sweet and innocent as Pooh, and the soft colors are so pretty. Please post a photo if you make up CC Charlotte with a BP design.

Janice -> RE: P.S. fabric used (6/14/2018 8:46:27 PM)

Thanks, Grammie, for your kind comment. You and the others in this group are always so encouraging. I really appreciate it.

JR -> RE: P.S. fabric used (6/15/2018 8:00:30 AM)

Congratulations on the Brother blog!! I haven't used any of the Disney designs on my Dream machine. Do the designs fill out better? Some of my previous machines some of the stitching
was lacking a few stitches. Could be they had us using rayon 50 weight thread.

Your work is beautiful!!


DDinDFW -> RE: P.S. fabric used (6/15/2018 8:40:29 AM)

So cute!

Pat C. -> RE: P.S. fabric used (6/19/2018 10:03:29 AM)

That outfit is beyond adorable!

Janice -> RE: P.S. fabric used (6/19/2018 12:01:03 PM)

JR, yes the newer Disney designs do stitch out very well. They must have new digitizer or the old ones have improved. Thanks for your sweet words. This is all so much fun and so satisfying.

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