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SewLynn -> Trying to break my sewing slump. (7/19/2018 4:33:34 PM)

Seriously, I'm usually pretty prolific and sew nearly every day. Since my move I'd lost my sewing MoJo! Last night, I actually sewed until midnight. Determined to sew again this evening ... perhaps even finish the UFO that I picked up last night - Folkwear's Old Mexico Dress in a deep pink/magenta linen/cotton with silk thread embroidery. All that the dress needs at this time is the bodice lining stitched, the sleeves (already constructed) inserted,
and a hem.

caaguirre -> RE: Trying to break my sewing slump. (7/19/2018 5:40:19 PM)

Sometimes I just need a break too and have to close the sewing room door for awhile and then out of nowhere - BOOM - it all comes back. Sometimes it's a book or video that gets the juices going again, sometimes it's going through my sewing collections, whatever. Since you sewed until so late last night, you might have burned yourself out temporarily or maybe you're tired. I know that with your productivity you'll be back in no time. I Googled that pattern and think it'll make a nice addition to your wardrobe. I have some Folkwear patterns too but haven't constructied any yet. Do they go together nicely?

cnagle957 -> RE: Trying to break my sewing slump. (7/25/2018 11:53:29 AM)

I think we all go through those times Lynn.

I will have times when there could be 2-3 weeks where I won't even walk into my sewing room.

At some point the inspiration hits and off I go again.

Sewing is my therapy and de-stress time, but work has been so crazy busy lately I've been asleep most nights by 8:30.

Hang in'll get the rhythm back before you know it.

SewLynn -> RE: Trying to break my sewing slump. (7/25/2018 12:20:34 PM)

Turns out that I could not tolerate a prescription toothpaste that I was supposed to put on my gums at night and leave it, no rinse. Unfortunately, it contains Xylitol which apparently I cannot handle (I've known for a long time that I can't handle sorbitol and lately it's turning up in more foods than ever - they are both sugar alcohol sweeteners and wreak havoc with my digestive system and suck all of my energy away). I decided to test a couple of days without it and lo and behold I started to feel more energetic. A week later, and the Mexico dress is 'finished' ... well, it's finished as far as the instructions are concerned, but I keep looking at it and wondering whether to add more embroidery. I am 2/3rds finished with a dress for one of my granddaughters and have been pulling out patterns to match up with fabric and pre-washing fabrics. I'm almost back to my 'old' self, just need to get my sleep schedule back on track.

caaguirre -> RE: Trying to break my sewing slump. (7/25/2018 9:57:21 PM)

Amazing the things medications do to our bodies, glad you're almost 100% back. Do you like Folkwear patterns i.e. instructions, accuracy in how the pattern pieces go together etc.?

SewLynn -> RE: Trying to break my sewing slump. (7/26/2018 10:25:05 AM)

Carol - I usually find that Folkwear patterns are easy, accurate, and with good instructions.

I will say though, that there are errors that I haven't run into before with the Old Mexico Dress - notches that don't match, pleats that don't line up. In the end, I got it figured out but I would place the pleats differently if I make it again, and would construct in a different order. I am working on a review on Pattern Reviews. I still need to press it to get good photos.

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