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mizzlilly -> My new sewing room 😭 (12/30/2018 2:43:36 PM)

I’m just sick about my renovation. I had to fire the contractor about a month ago. This has just been a disaster. Financially, time wise, and the worst workmanship you’ve probably ever seen. Without going into a ton of details, it’s with my lawyer now and I have a new contractor lined up. All he can do with the porch and other exterior work is just to winterize it and finish in the spring.

The whole thing wasn’t built right from the beginning. I’ve recently learned that the contractor didn’t order the roof trusses specified in the drawings and that both the town and engineer approved. Seems he ordered cheaper, standard trusses...and even at that he just didn’t build it properly from day one. Resulting in much less space, especially the knee wall’s 3.5’ when it should have been 5’. Overall I have less width and less height. Structurally I believe it is sound...was passed by the building inspector, but I have a lot less space than I’m supposed to have and less than I paid for.

At this point I am just looking forward to it being finished...and hoping I don’t hate it...right now I divide my time between trying not to scream and trying not to cry. Here are a few pictures so you will have an idea of the shoddy workmanship. BTW the contractor, in the meeting with the lawyer defended the workmanship in the barn door bulkhead (first photo) which the new contractor will rip out and redo, and said that the trim work just needed a little putty. Warning: some scenes will frighten!

[Image [img][/img]Image]

mizzlilly -> RE: My new sewing room 😭 (12/30/2018 2:49:52 PM)






mizzlilly -> RE: My new sewing room 😭 (12/30/2018 2:51:47 PM)

Two more bits of information: we started this project the third week of April and it was supposed to take two to three months. And that trim was supposed to be ready for painting the following day. I’m sure the painter would have run away screaming.

mizzlilly -> RE: My new sewing room 😭 (12/30/2018 2:53:36 PM)

And you can’t tell from the photo, but there is no roofing material on the porch roof...just plywood. The steps are treacherous in winter weather, and no handrail. The new contractor will build a set of safe, temporary steps and a handrail.

Pat C. -> RE: My new sewing room 😭 (12/30/2018 3:05:46 PM)

Lillian, this whole thing has been a nightmare for you and the workmanship sure is shoddy. Just hope new contractor will make everything right and in a reasonable time so you can start to enjoy. Been thinking of you and looking forward to seeing your wonderful creations.

Grammie -> RE: My new sewing room 😭 (12/30/2018 3:24:37 PM)

Oh my, what a disaster! I am so very sorry you have experienced this, Lillian. Not all contractors in Ontario are this bad...I had a wonderful one from tiny Fonthill! So glad you have hired a lawyer and will fight this poor excuse for a businessman. Hoping your new contractor can get on this soonest and build you the sewing room of your dreams. My heart aches for you.

MoDo -> RE: My new sewing room 😭 (12/30/2018 4:05:10 PM)

So sorry to hear the contractor was so incompetent 😞. I do hope the new guy can repair the mess and make your dream sewing room a reality.

DDinDFW -> RE: My new sewing room 😭 (12/30/2018 4:50:01 PM)

[:(] What a nightmare. I don't know a lot about construction, but I'd imagine that skinnier board in the first photo, with some spacers taking up the rest of the space isn't to code? Grr So, so sorry.

valdiva -> RE: My new sewing room 😭 (12/30/2018 6:44:53 PM)

I feel your pain...soooo sorry for the nightmare you are enduring. You had thought thru all the decisions. Sad to say, work ethic is just not the same. We have been waiting for an electrician for 2 years to do basic work & either they don't call back, or don't show up. Doesn't matter if we name someone as a referral or literally is a neighbor!..Hopefully the new contractor will rectify mistakes. Keep us posted, as I am sure many of us can relate to the to the horrid situation you now face.

slowstitcher -> RE: My new sewing room 😭 (12/30/2018 6:48:33 PM)

Oh dear Lord. I have been wondering where you have been and missed seeing your posts. I understand your frustration.
I've had a similar experience. I pray things turn around for you.

caaguirre -> RE: My new sewing room 😭 (12/30/2018 7:18:55 PM)

I've had a bad feeling about this since we haven't heard from you in such a long time and here is the proof of the situation. I hope your lawyers' can get at least some of your money back from this shyster. My friend had a similar experience when she had a major remodel of her whole house. She ended up having to fire the contractor and find someone else too, but in the end it all turned out very nice so I hope it works out that way also for you. What started out as so happy and exciting now has become unbearable, just get through it the best you can please. Creativity is coming back sooner or later in your new room.

ShirleyCalgary -> RE: My new sewing room 😭 (12/30/2018 7:40:07 PM)

I am just heart sick for you Lillian... similar happened to my sister's place - they were supposed to raise the house - put a proper basement etc etc - they ended up with lawyers... contractor went bankrupt - unfinished basement... I hope that you have a better outcome..

SewLynn -> RE: My new sewing room 😭 (12/31/2018 8:53:32 AM)

Praying that all will be resolved to your satisfaction and in a timely way so you can get back to your beautiful sewing.

KarenVA -> RE: My new sewing room 😭 (12/31/2018 9:39:30 AM)

Awwwwww, Lillian!!! I have no words, just this {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{BIG HUG}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} for you!!!!

kmroy -> RE: My new sewing room 😭 (12/31/2018 10:09:30 AM)

I am so sorry to hear this news. I can only imagine your frustration and pray that your next message will be filled with good news with lots of progress.
Something very good just has to come out of all this mess.

2019 is going to be a better year for you! Happy New Year!!!!
Love and hugs

Penny Hal -> RE: My new sewing room 😭 (12/31/2018 1:02:00 PM)

I was too was wondering where you've been. I'm very upset to see what the cause was that keep you away. It's a good thing you have photos to support you. Did the constractor have a license? I don't know where you live, but I'm in California and they need a license and insurance and you can check up on them by seeing that they are license and calling the Better Business Bureau for complaints about them. I'm so sorry that you have to go through this! They

We did a huge add-on to our house. Our architect gathered bids from contractors and checked them out for us. He and the construction company owner helped managed the project as well. In spite of all his help, my conclusion is that construction men are just big bullies with tools. They start yelling at you if you point out what is wrong. The only thing a bully respects is another bully. Once I could hear the floor guy yelling at my husband outside on the other side of the house. So, I went out there and got two feet from his face and screamed at him that he was not allowed to yell at my husband. After that, he never personally showed up and just sent his workers.

Don't be surprised if the original contractor declares bankruptcy. It's their way of getting out of responsibility.

Fancy Stitches -> RE: My new sewing room 😭 (12/31/2018 1:51:40 PM)

Oh, what a mess!! I'm so sorry, Lillian, that this has been such a disaster for you. But in any case, it is so good to hear from are missed!! Hopefully this will all be resolved and you will eventually love your new space. Is there any way the contractor can lose their license and prevent this from happening to anyone else? As Penny stated, they will probably declare bankruptcy to avoid financial obligation, but I hope your lawyer will be able to help you get proper restitution. And I pray that your new contractor is the very best and will fix it all!! I think of you every time I come here and have been hoping you were very busy playing in your new sewing room. I'm sending big hugs and praying that 2019 will be a VERY GOOD year. Hugs for Paddy, too.


Gone Sewing 2 -> RE: My new sewing room 😭 (12/31/2018 3:07:13 PM)

ohhh....ouch...those pictures hurt my eyes...

My heart goes out to you...

there must be a good thing ….silver lining and all that.... somewhere in this mess....can't find it
yet though....but it will show up....keep the faith....

A happier new year is what is needed now...

KarenVA -> RE: My new sewing room 😭 (12/31/2018 3:36:22 PM)

Wouldn't it be cool if you could get Mike Holmes as your new contractor?? And, we could see you on HGTV!!!!

Sorry--just trying to make you smile!!!

Daylily430 -> RE: My new sewing room 😭 (12/31/2018 5:17:19 PM)

Oh, Mizlilly, as others have mentioned, you have been missed as we were anxiously awaiting updates of your construction project. Needless to say, I am heartbroken for you over what has transpired. Thank goodness you have found a new builder and most of all, a lawyer to fight for your rights as a consumer. I cannot imagine what the building inspectors were thinking/looking at when they signed off on the progress and materials.

My husband & I were the general contractors for the building of our home and the town and the bank had many inspections required before money was released or construction could continue.

There will be brighter days ahead in your new sewing studio, but sadly, individuals who have responsibilities for making that happen have fallen short.

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