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Pat C. -> OT (1/7/2019 4:56:38 PM)

Been looking for a ribcord bedspread. Ordered one from Amazon and color not right. Quality not great. Vermont Country store too expensive for my needs. Anyone know of any other sources? I've searched all over but might have missed something Thanks.

vjm -> RE: OT (1/8/2019 9:33:39 AM)

I found a really nice over sized king bedspread in the JC Penney's catalog about three years ago. It was exactly the colors I wanted. It wasn't a ribcord but you can see if Penney's carries what you want.

Pat C. -> RE: OT (1/8/2019 9:54:07 AM)

Tried Penney's and all the regular. The ribcord is easy care and I'll be using the bed as a work station now that I'm in the apartment. Thanks. Going to try a different color from Amazon and see what that's like.

SusanB -> RE: OT (1/11/2019 2:02:04 PM)

The ones I have came from Sears...but about 30 years ago. I guess they aren't so available anymore. Needless to say, they last forever!

Pat C. -> RE: OT (1/14/2019 7:58:06 PM)

Finally found a suitable color on Amazon after returning 2 that were nowhere near the color on the site. My original ones were from longer ago than yours and they did last. Mine were probably Sears or Penney's. Had them on the boys' beds so lots of washing. Quality is not the same, but OK for my purpose now.

caaguirre -> RE: OT (1/14/2019 9:12:28 PM)

I had similiar spreads for my boys' beds way back when too, they were from either Sears or Penney's and lasted as spreads for them, paint dropcloths, and who can remember what else? Threw them away before they were finally worn out so they wear like iron. Too bad the quality isn't the same but glad you found something that works for you.

sewsusan -> RE: OT (1/16/2019 10:26:25 AM)

I also had some ribcord bedspreads which lasted forever! Sure do miss the quality of yesteryear, especially in bedding.....is there anything available & affordable which nears what we used to call "percale" ???

Pat C. -> RE: OT (1/16/2019 3:45:28 PM)

I doubt it. Those sheets always felt good to sleep on and don't think we ever paid attention to thread count:) Have to admit, I don't now either. I like crisp feeling sheets. Now that I have to dry in the dryer (apt) , just not the same. Miss my clothesline!

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