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delmarva -> Sewing at 2 a.m. (11/25/2012 5:53:22 PM)

I found this while looking for something else: And she is not alone in #7.

Author: Lazybug
Date: 03-21-08 10:34

This was given to me years ago by our Am.Sewing Guild leader, and it makes me laugh every time I run across it.


1. I hate hemming.

2. Satan lives in my bobbin winder.

3. I need a serger

4. Don't use red chalk to draw the pattern on white fabric when you need the garment the next day.

5. The more you try to fix the hem, the more you will screw it up.

6. If the neck hole was a too little the first time, only cut a little bit off at a time. There is no going back. I now have an off-the-shoulder under tunic.

7. If you are trying on the garment you are sewing -- over and over to get the right fit, its easier just to sew naked. Someone please tell me I'm not alone in this.

8. The first time you sew it together use a big stitch. They're easier to pull out.

9. Trying to convince yourself that no one will notice that the sleeves are two different lengths gets easier as the night goes on.

10. They play really crappy music on the radio at 2:00 AM.

11. Ignore the "Buy 1 more yard that you think you'll need" rule. Replace it with "Buy 7 more yards than you think you'll need" rule.

12. Get $1/yard fabric. Then you won't swear at yourself so much.

13. You can see a black bra through $1/yard white cotton.

14. You can see a white bra through $1/yard white cotton.

15. You can see you're not wearing a bra through $1/yard white cotton.

16. The warning on cold medicine that says you shouldn't operate heavy machinery while on this drug should state sewing machines specifically.

17. If you're going to be trying on something that's pinned, and have to pull it over your head, remember to wear protective eye gear.

18. The numbers on my tape measure move. They must. I've measured
3 times and its still not working.

19. You really do have to match plaids or your butt looks funny.

20. At 4:00 AM having the garment too big sounds perfectly acceptable.

21. No matter how far in advance you start sewing your garment you will be finishing it at 2:00 AM the night before the event.

22. No matter what you learned from your last 2:00 AM sewathon, you're gonna do it all again.

Hokie Mom -> RE: Sewing at 2 a.m. (11/27/2012 8:11:30 AM)

This is too funny... and all too true!

jem -> RE: Sewing at 2 a.m. (11/27/2012 8:53:37 AM)

Been there, done that, need to make a t-shirt that says that. lol

nini -> RE: Sewing at 2 a.m. (11/27/2012 7:18:04 PM)

too funny!!1

caaguirre -> RE: Sewing at 2 a.m. (11/27/2012 10:38:03 PM)

Laughing out loud! I think we all can identify with every statement.

KarenVA -> RE: Sewing at 2 a.m. (11/29/2012 9:49:39 AM)

WOW Are we kindred spirits, or what!!!!!

Bobette -> RE: Sewing at 2 a.m. (12/5/2012 7:18:03 AM)

Really funny and should I say alot of truth there. That is so me. I once mande a bath robe for my MIL and was still sewing right right before we left for Christmas eve at their house. I do so procrastinate. Also spend too much time on the computer.

jem -> RE: Sewing at 2 a.m. (12/5/2012 9:12:25 AM)

Bobette, One Easter Sunday, I was sitting in the back seat with my dd finishing the hem on her dress as we drove to church. That was a close one. lol

Bobette -> RE: Sewing at 2 a.m. (12/5/2012 2:01:34 PM)

Oh no. I could see myself scotch-taping the hem in place and hoping it held. For my grandson's wedding, I had to pin the waist on my skirt as it was too big. I didn't even have time to try it on before the wedding. Stayed up until 2 am finishing the embroidered inserts for my purse. Will I ever learn?

redheadednanna -> RE: Sewing at 2 a.m. (12/3/2013 6:55:31 PM)

This is PRICELESS! and should hang on the wall in every sewer's work space! I can relate to most of them -- I've been a night owl all my life!

Ms Rose -> RE: Sewing at 2 a.m. (12/9/2013 2:59:25 AM)

Been there, done that. Didn't buy the t-shirt that said it. I do need to print it out , frame it and put it in my sewing room.

Bobette -> RE: Sewing at 2 a.m. (12/9/2013 6:03:40 AM)

See this was posted by Delmarva - wish we knew how she is doing.

vpenner -> RE: Sewing at 2 a.m. (12/9/2013 1:44:18 PM)

I wish #7 was even an option for me. We have two adult sons living with us temporarily; sewing naked could get beyond awkward!!

Nananeva -> RE: Sewing at 2 a.m. (1/22/2014 12:59:08 AM)

This was posted by Delmarva, and comment added by Jacki. Wish we knew how both these friends are doing....

vinciew -> RE: Sewing at 2 a.m. (4/28/2016 11:43:02 PM)

This is too funny!!! I guess we've all been there, done that!! Glad I don't sew till 2AM any more. Glad I don't HAVE to!!


Nananeva -> RE: Sewing at 2 a.m. (4/8/2017 12:27:19 PM)

Good morning everyone. I think this long-ago posting is worth bringing to the forefront. Made me laugh - again - when I visited this morning. [:D][:D][:D]

MoDo -> RE: Sewing at 2 a.m. (4/8/2017 7:43:16 PM)

Thanks for bringing it back, Neva! It is a "keeper" [:D].

NormaK -> RE: Sewing at 2 a.m. (4/19/2017 10:23:08 PM)

I needed to re-read this tonight, although I could never manage sewing 2 a.m. at any time in my life. I truly did need a laugh!

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